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"First Flight,  the Second Time"

October 16, 2016  the DC Youth Aviation received Civil Air Patrol, Crl Mary S. Feik's  1952 Piper Pacer - PA-20/135.  It was dismantled and moved from ANP to W32.

Mary's kind donation was "for the promotion of youth aviation".  Her positive karma has been felt successfully throughout this amazing aviation project.  The rebirth began.

On Brave Wings She Flys !

October 28, 2018  (target date) will be the inauguration,   "First Flight - Second Time" of the fully restored N2103A.      At Noon, N2103A shall fly from W32 Washington Executive - Hyde Airport and return to W32, picnic party to follow.

A celebration picnic party will commemorate CAP Crl Mary S. Feik, the contributors, students, friends and supporters.

Flying in Guests:

This aint easy...  

General aviation in the National Capital Region (NCR) has suffered greatly due to the implementation of the Washington, D.C. Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA)  and the Metropolitan Area Flight Restricted Zone (FRZ) which covers the area within a 13-15 NM radius of the Washington, D.C., VOR/DME (DCA), US Capitol building and severely limits the operations  at DC3 airports  within the FRZ;  The DC3 three airports  are College Park (CGS), Potomac Airfield (VKX) and Yep us!...

Washington Executive/Hyde Field (W32).

Web master note:    We are still waiting on the FAA to validate ONLY the all new wiring and upgraded avionics installation, radio and transponder, required for the FRZ ...which were updated from the original 1952 configuration.                 Thanks to the Piper Museum in Lockhaven, PA, the rest of the plane is respectful of its Piper historic 1952  art-deco design.  

How to get a Personal Identification Number PIN-  Your very own secret decoder ring!  

You will need a PIN to fly into W32.... 

       "Yes, even AF generals, US governors, senators, ....".                                               YOU MAY NOT LAND WITHOUT A PIN.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the FAA have streamlined the procedures for screening pilots seeking access to the “DC-3”.  The FRZ airspace and its associated restrictions, initially implemented under SFAR 94  require that the TSA perform background checks and issue a personal identification number (PIN) to ALL pilots using the "DC-3" airports.  ALL need a PIN - NO exceptions.

W32 = LEFT traffic pattern.  3000 x 60 ft.    238.2 ft. elev.   Rwy 5/23 Asphalt. Good condition.   CTAF/UNICOM: 122.8.

Process:    Contact the airport manager at the airport you intend to use, to be issued the PIN.    One PIN is valid at all DC3 airports.    Not transferable. The PIN "owner" pilot must be inside the landing plane, not necessary to be PIC, but in the plane.  The PINs do not expire.  Free.

          All will be required to complete the FAA Online  Course, “The Washington DC Special Flight Rules Area.”  Successful completion of the course fulfills the regulatory requirement for special awareness training on the Washington DC Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA) for pilots flying under VFR within 60 nm of the DCA VOR/DME.     

           It is also a "FAA Wings" credit course. (15 minutes):       Contact Washington Executive Hyde Field (W32)     Mr. Stan Fetter,  Airport Mgr.:   301/297-7290; e-mail

Drivers - you poor things....

Use gate by the office, where there will be a person to work the secured gate.   Please stay off the runway.  

Follow flaggers to park in designated,  secure areas.  

Plenty of, bikes and RVs are welcome.    


W32 is East of VKX,  11 NM South from Capitol, SW from Andrews FB. 

Washington Executive - Hyde Airport, W32. 



Phone 301-297-7290

© 2017   DC Youth Aviation - Build a Plane, Inc.

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