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Royal Aeronautical Society    The aims of the RAS Education committee branch are to stimulate advances in aviation safety and technology by providing a forum to improve still further the technical, political and social interchange between the US and UK aerospace communities.  Sir Stuart Matthews, Ken Gazzola are  supporters having spoken to the class. 


Aviation Community Foundation,   whose mission is to connect aviation educators and support them on leadership structure and strategy. Ethan Martin and his team have observed this model youth STEM project. 

Aurora Flight Sciences Corp., leaders in the aerospace industry, with a commitment to the science of autonomous flight and Shelly Simi  are supporters and have given the students a tour of Aurora aviation facilities.  They sponsored our Open House picnic.  


Univ. of District of Columbia, Aviation Maintenance Program, Washington National Airport  William Russo, Aviation Maintenance Program Director and  Ambrose Kun, Instructor  have graciously extended engine, panel, equipment testing and mechanical advice.   

          William Russo, Director,   is also the author of the  Aviation Maintenance,  FAA Knowledge Test Prep Handbook, published by the Gleim Aviation Training group.  


Lt. Alan Hickling, (ret.) Royal Navy visits British International School

On February 7, 2018 Lt. Alan  Hickling (ret.) visited BIS and shared a video of jets taking off from an aircraft carrier. He brought (his own) scale model of a carrier for the students to investigate and recounted his experience in the air arm of the Royal Navy.  He talked about flying challenges like an imperfect take off or landing in the water.  He is a board member of RAeS, Washington DC branch and has generously given of his time to support this aviation STEM program. 

Lt. Alan Hickling, (ret.)  Royal Navy's air arm (AH) gave a riveting account of the victory in the Daily Mail Transatlantic Air Race of May 1969, when their Royal Navy Phantom of 892 Squadron, set a new world air speed record between NY and London with a time of 4 hours 46 minutes, 723.8 mph, which was a new world speed record for the flight.  The plan involved five in-flight refuellings, giving six supersonic legs.   Lt. Alan Hickling and Lt.Hugh Drake were able to maintain a high true air speed in mid Atlantic, in warmer temperatures and they achieved a very fast  final leg.   

          After that, Lt. Hickling and his group only had to concern themselves about landing on ocean-carriers, night!

          Alan Hickling  is also a member of the prestigious Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS).   He generously donated numerous decommissioned aviation dials to the University of DC, Aviation Maintenance program.  

RAF Captain Willy Hackett

Royal Air Force  Captain Willy Hackett,  "F35 Lightening Program" -UK Joint Strike Fighter gave a lecture on Jan 29, 2018.   Students got to hear a real RAF hero.   RAF Cap Hackett has flown a great variety of planes ...(name the UK plane, and he has flown it) and answered many of the student's questions.  

Guests in the audience that day included Washington DC Public School students and Univ. of DC- Aviation Maintenance Program, both students and faculty. There were also many parents and other teachers of the students in the BIS aviation program.  

Martha and John King, the King School

Martha and John put their money where their heart is.  They graciously donated a Private Pilot King School course.  

As young Hoosiers, at Indiana State, they "saved their nickles" and "the first plane that they purchased together was a Piper Pacer".  That remembrance fostered their love of flying and they had "many adventures".  You all know their legacy of teaching thousands of pilots.  We ALL owe you.  

                                          We love you Martha and John !

Class Act - Thank you

Then, if donating a Private Pilot King course at the Women in Aviation conference at Orlando, FL  for one of our students, was not enough, ......after they got back to their King School in San Diego, CA, we received a box full of "safety tips", "good flying habits" CDs for the program.  To have such a busy couple take the time to think of our young aviators was very impressive and was very appreciated.

We love you Martha and John !  

Brenda Tibbs, Bravo Flight Training

Brenda Tibbs, gold seal CFII, opened Bravo Flight Training at FDK with the goal of creating a fun and safe environment for pilots to learn.   She was the recipient of the AOPA Flight Instructor of the Year award in 2016 and recognized as a Distinguished Flight Instructor by AOPA in 2017.  Brenda  is a Woman Pilots 99s - Sugarloaf Chapter.   Bravo Flight Training  is giving  flying lessons to four of the Build a Plane students !   Others are studying at other flight schools, because they are closer to their homes.  Brenda is an inspiration.  

Bravo Flight Training School -- Discovery Flights for Build a Plane Club students:


EAA - Experimental Airplane Association/ College Park #4 and the EAA/ Frederick Airport (who are restoring their own  1946 J3 Piper Cub) ....our "brothers in restoration ").   Appreciated  source of wise advice and encouragement.   

           Fellow aviation and restoration crazies....

 Short Wing Piper Association have given extensive historic Piper restoration guidelines, research pamphlets and restoration technique advice. They provided advice and sample paint schemes that were consistent with a 1952 Piper Pacer that would have left the Lock Haven, PA Piper factory, where N2103A was first constructed.  

Michael Huerta, FAA Administrator 2013-2018

Michael P. Huerta, Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 2013-2018, was  responsible for the safety and efficiency of the largest aerospace system in the world and oversaw a $16 billion budget.    Administrator Huerta  took personal interest in supporting this STEM program and offered encouragement to the students.

The Ensign Dean R. Van Kirk Aviation Heritage Museum - Hall of Fame Induction

On Oct 28, 2018, the CAP Colonel Mary S. Feik legacy was promoted by inducting her into the "Hall of Fame".  Some of her personal aviation related artifacts were added to the Ensign Dean R. Van Kirk Aviation Heritage Museum collection at Frederick Airport, KFDK.    The Museum's mission is to promote the history of civil, commercial and military aviation and to provide educational opportunities and foster aviation career awareness.  

D.C. Youth Aviation is a non profit with 501 (c) (3) status. Our EIN #: 81-4653975

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