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October 17, 2016:      In the beginning....   

Phase I:  Moving the plane from ANP to W32, Dismantling, Skinning, 

Stripping of Paint, Reassembly,  Recovering, New Paint.......   

Active "hands on" STEM instruction:   Aviation, Airplane, Airport lessons.  

100,000,000 knots !!!!   and stripping of old paint.  Teamwork.  Cooperation.

March 2017:  Recovering process continues. 

October 7, 2017:   Open House - Barbecue at W32

Open House:  ANP  MD028 CAP Squadron was rechartered as the "Colonel Mary S. Feik Composite Squadron" so, some CAP members came to view the progress. Lots of future aviators too.  

CGS - EAA Chapter 4 members, dropped in too.  

Friends from the FAA, Tracon, 99s, AOPA, VKX and even parents joined in !

November 2017:  Surface prep, paint removal, primer, paint continues....

We have NUMBERS !!!!  Yeay!   

Phase II: electrical wiring, validating the six pack of 1952 dials,

Adding a radio, transponder, ELT - (required for SFRA flight at W32).  

Adding new windshield, windows, tires, lights......

March 28, 2018:   Wings!  Wings! Yeay.... We Have Wings!

May 2018:  Our first... down the runway trip... !!!

We hope to have a "First Flight, the Second Time" fly out in October 2018,  two years after the plane was received.  It has been a long process of hard work.    

This STEM project has been very successful and has helped to inspire thirty high school students to consider Science Technology Education and Math and Aviation studies as future career options.  

Phase III:  Oct./ Nov. 2018: FAA certification and flight test.  

How Far We Have Come !

Video of STEM progress at Hyde Executive - W32 by Zack, student at BIS

Future Aviators and Aviatrixes

Video of STEM progress at British International School by Justin, student at BIS

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